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About Us


MAKE ME FOUNDATION was founded in 2015 by MRS UGWI ONIMITEYIM, she is an Entrepreneur and a philanthropist, she is passionate about Nigeria being a better country. The Make Me Foundation is focused on building capacity and empowering the youths to actively attain self sustainable development, it focuses on making them the finest entrepreneurs produced from Nigeria.

Make Me Foundation consists of a highly motivated and passionate professionals in Artistry. Our mission is to inspire others to new levels of self sustainability. We encourage self sustainability by coming up with initiatives for the youths such as the different empowerment programs we organize. We collaborate with other organizations to encourage, elevate and financially assist focused and driven Nigerian youths.

Established in 2015 and Registered with the corporate affairs commission in 2019 MAKE ME FOUNDATION offers a consultancy based approach allowing us to communicate better with students to understand their learning needs. Our fast growing team guided by our founder, implements new teaching methodologies and systems to ensure the success of our students in achieving personal goals.

We offer education in Artistry such as Makeup, photography, Skin Care, Nail Care, Hair Care, Gele Tying, Bead making,Fashion, Event planning, sales and distribution.


Passionate about ART but don’t know where to start? We understand how you feel. From numerous options out there we believe we stand out for many reasons. Our programs designed by Make-Up Empire are personalized to ensure you have hands on training as an artist. We believe in giving you the opportunity to learn by well-established professionals in their various fields to give you the much needed exposure to the business. That is not all, we thrive on knowing that our instructors are able to give you one on one attention throughout the program to warrant your success and understanding with our curriculum.
We understand that taking the first step to a new career path can be very intimidating but we here at Make- Me Foundation  prioritize one thing, your success!


The Founder

Nimi Ugwi – Professional Makeup Artist and Hairstylist.

All my life, I have had a passion to create an image for people, to make them feel different and look special.  My first step to pursuing this passion was to attend Art school, upon acceptance, I was fortunate enough to be offered a job within the school. By the time of graduation, I was already a professional hair and makeup specialist. But, no matter how much knowledge you have, I believe that you must always learn more to improve and expand your skill set.

As a stylist, I try to follow fashion innovations. But at the same time, I make it a point to never blindly impose on people my ideas and experiments from the modern world of fashion. I always cooperate with my client. My goal is to create personal style according to her inside world and self-expression. It is always a pleasure for me to help people feel confident and satisfied not just with their look but with themselves overall. I have had the opportunity to work with esteemed colleagues and establishments in and around Nigeria, my experience in the industry has made me meet a lot young school graduates, youths to be precise who are able bodied, intelligent and willing to work but jobs elude them as as there are no jobs due to the current situation of the country (underemployment). This experience brought about the birth of Mak Me Foundation.